Time To Explore

Welcome to my newest project. A place where I can discuss books that I have read, post reviews, discuss authors, plan what to read next and cover any other book related subject. This project started when I decided to branch out from reading almost exclusively from Science Fiction and Fantasy genre a few months back. Since that time I have been going to sections of bookstores that I have almost never been to before, picking up books from authors I had never heard of and expanding my reading base. I must say that I have been highly enjoying it so far and I truly looking forward to what else I can find to read next.

Along the way I will choose a month or two to focus on either a certain theme, genre, author or series of books, post my reviews of these and see what possible recommendations I can get for others books I may read based upon those. I love having people recommend books to me, even if it doesn’t seem like I might like it, because you never know what someone might enjoy. So feel free to suggest books to me at any point, or add to the discuss of a book I have read.

The first step I am taking is to post some reviews that I originally posted on my personal blog and then follow that up with new reviews. As well I will be taking some time to set up a few pages here as well to help keep things better organized.


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