Audiobook Challenge And Suggestions

Last week I mentioned in one of my posts that I was thinking about exploring the realm of audiobooks. I have always read my books, it seemed like the natural thing to do, and in fact I was fairly oblivious to the fact that audiobooks even existed until not very long ago. It has been hard enough for me to transition from real books to my Kindle, and I’d like to point out that I still heavily prefer real books, so adding in audiobooks as well seemed almost too much. Yet the more I think about it the more feasible this idea becomes. I don’t always have the luxury of reading when doing various activities, such as driving, and this is where audiobooks could really come in handy.

So while I’m still a bit apprehensive to take on this new, or perhaps not so new, aspect of books it is something I am becoming more determined to do. Granted it won’t help shrink my already massive to read pile covering several book shelves, especially since I do not wish to buy an audiobook version of a book I already own, but it will give me more opportunities to read when holding a book isn’t an option.

After doing a bit of research I found out I an get two free credits from through my Amazon account. This is certainly the gateway through which I can dive into the world of audiobooks. Now, my biggest problem arises. What books should I get with these two credits? I did have a few suggestions in my previous post, To Kill A Mockingbird, Because of Winn Dixie and A Year Down Yonder. However, my biggest issue of all I think, if finding a narrator that I like. Much like the books themselves narrators can really make or break a book for those listening to them. And of course everything has their own opinions on which narrator is good and which are downright terrible. I was glad to see that there are samples of each book so you can listen to a couple minutes worth in order to find out if you like the narrator or not

So far I have discovered one thing, I prefer female narrators over male ones. Or at least that’s how I feel after listening to a dozen or so various audiobook samples. I’m not completely writing off books narrated by men, but it has made me wonder if there are good male narrators out there. Perhaps I’m just simply looking at the wrong books.

Another issue I have come across is finding a book that I think may turn out to be a good one to listen to, then finding out it’s not available to me because I live in Canada. It’s a problem I have faced on many other occasions trying to order things online, and while I’m mostly used to this it is somewhat irksome.

Even with these various hurdles to get past I am still wanting to get some audiobooks and start my listening experience. So I’m turning you, the book loving populace of the world, to make suggestions as to which audiobooks you think I should choose as not only my first listen but also as future listens as well? Do you have a favorite narrator that you think I may enjoy? And remember the genre of the books doesn’t matter so much as I am open to just about anything, I simply need a place to start.


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