October Genre Focus: Western Romance

October is ushering in the first monthly genre focus. During these special months all books read and reviewed will be from a particular genre. A large number of romance novels involve cowboys, and so to tap into that section of the genre during the month of October, and possibly stretching into November, I will be focusing on books in the western romance genre. Why western romances and not regular romances? Well the answer is quite simple.

I’m a sucker for cowboys. It’s probably one of the big reasons I love Westerns, especially the classics. Who doesn’t appreciate a strong man in tight jeans, wearing a stetson hat, who has rugged good looks and a rock hard body in his arsenal. The kind that works from morning to night, and not just any work, but that back breaking kind of work that comes from living and working on a ranch. Sure his personality may be as rough as his chiseled chin but he does have a tender side buried in there somewhere, sometimes only shown around the animals they work with. Now see, I’ve gone off on a tangent about cowboys and I haven’t even gotten to the books yet!

I will admit I’m not a huge romance person, so this is not only a focus month on the genre but also a way to become better acquainted to romance using my love of cowboys as a gateway.

The following books are those that have made the list, though others may be added should time permit.

Do you know of any good western romance book you’d like added to the list? Please leave a comment and I’ll try my best to get them added and reviewed along with those above.


4 thoughts on “October Genre Focus: Western Romance

    • I’ve started working on Big Sky Mountain and I have to say so far I really don’t like it. Perhaps it will get better because honestly I’ve looked at plenty of her books and they all sounded good to me. Not all books start out great so I’m hoping it gets better the further in I get.

    • Thanks. I definitely gives me something different to do, hopefully can do these every few months depending on what books I have available in certain themes. Monstrosities month sounds great, especially for October. I still need to find some creepy reads for closer to Halloween even though they don’t fit into this months theme, any suggestions?

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