Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Settings I’d Like To See More Of (Or At All) — (maybe you want read more books set in space or books set in Alaska or the beach).

Okay, this seems both challenging and super easy. There are a number of settings I’d like to see more of that are not commonly found. And then there some that seem to be everywhere and yet could certainly go for even more books written in that setting. So here’s hoping I can hit ten.

  1. Medieval England Settings. I love this setting, and it doesn’t just have to include characters like King Arthur, Robin Hood or other well known people from history. I would definitely accept fictional characters in a very similar setting. So basically anything medieval!
  2. Underwater Settings. Maybe I just haven’t found many books in an underwater setting or maybe they just don’t exist in large number. But I think an underwater setting would be really neat. This also doesn’t necessarily mean they have to have mermaids in them, just somehow incorporate underwater into the books setting.
  3. Western Settings. I love westerns, both books and movies, but it seems to be something you find less and less in book stores these days. So I would love to see more well written classic western books set in the dusty towns with their saloons and gun toting bad guys.
  4. Alien Settings. Now I’m not necessarily talking strictly about green aliens from mars, but more like a completely made up world where everything was created by the author, where there is little to no reference to the world as we know it. These can be set in deep space or on a specific planet or something else.
  5. World of Warcraft Setting. I feel as though there is a huge gap in these books and it definitely needs to be filled. There is plenty of lore out there for them to use and characters that haven’t had enough time in the spotlight.
  6. Audio Books. While I’ve only recently gotten into audio books and I know there are a ton of them out there I would love to see more. Especially some books that I have already read but would love to reread them by listening to an audio book version.
  7. Africa. I love Africa and would love to go there one day. So having more books set in Africa would be something I could definitely get into.

8 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. I hard a difficult time making it to ten this week.

    Have you read anything by Anna Banks? She has a series set underwater. I haven’t read the first book, but I’ve read a short story set there and it was really good.

  2. Before he passed, Louis La’Mour wrote an impressive number of really good westerns. My personal favorite, for reasons I can’t explain, is Ride the Dark Trail. I don’t know if you read romances, but if you do, you should check out Judy Garwood’s older books. Some like The Secret, Saving Grace, and Honor’s Splendor have a very realistic medieval setting. Oh, and Robin McKinley’s Outlaws of Sherwood which is her version of Robin Hood.

  3. So many people suggested underwater, and it’s not something I thought of. I once listened to an audiobook by Robin Cook (years and years ago) about these scientists that were in a submarine that got abducted into a Atlantis-type city underwater, it was SO good, but the ending was terrible. But it’s one that has forever stuck into my mind.

    Great list, and thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Bree 🙂
    Coffee Bean Bookshelf

    • I was surprised to see so many other people listing underwater. It seems like the type of thing that would be used more often since it has so many mysteries surrounding it.
      Do you happen to remember the name of that book?

  4. Ohh I love audiobooks, I have been listening to them for almost 2 years now. Both my co-blogger and I love them and write reviews on them.

    I would love more Alien settings, I was looking to add some to my TBR but was having a hard time finding any that were not too SciFI.

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