Finish The Series Reading Challenge 2013

This is probably the challenge I need most this year. Far too often I read a book which starts a new series and never get around to reading the other books in it no matter how badly I want to. Not to mention all the previous series that sit uncompleted on my reading list.

For this challenge I am going to try for Level 2: Complete 2 series. I am really hoping that I can meet this goal as I have so many series that really need to be finished so I can focus my reading on other books. Which series I will end up finishing, I’m not entirely sure yet, I need to go through my list and pick ones that either have been sitting there the longest or are ones I really want to finish.

If you are like me and have problems finishing the series you have started then this challenge may be for you. Click the button above to go to the hosts blog to read over the rules and sign up.


4 thoughts on “Finish The Series Reading Challenge 2013

  1. I’m just now finally reading the third and final book in a series I’ve started and read over the past year. What a good feeling to “close the book” on a series. I’m so looking forward to it. Good luck with your challenge. 🙂

    • It is a great feeling to get to the end of a series, though sometimes it leaves you craving more. What series is it out of curiosity? I have one series I’ve been picking away at for years, but then again books for it are still actively being published but I have fallen behind a bit on the newer ones. Thanks, I’m hoping it will help TBR pile as well.

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