Book Goal Complete: Husband Reads A Book

I never thought it would happen. Of all the book related goals I had set for the year I figured this would be the hardest of all to reach. My husband doesn’t like reading, unless it’s a textbook or information related to his work. Fantasy he won’t touch, Sci-Fi is not his cup of tea, Romance is definitely a no, and all the other genres just don’t appeal to him. I tried to get him to read a book last year and while he had greed the silly man picked The Silmarillion by J.R.R Tolkein and wasn’t able to break the one hundred page mark. After that disaster I figured he’d never read again.

But after a lot of talking we decided that if he even read just one Fiction book this year I would be extremely happy. Now the problem was picking that book since as I mentioned there wasn’t a genre out there that he showed any interest in. Now he does have Pride and Prejudice on his phone and has been slowly picking away at it since the beginning of the year but he’s only made it about thirty pages in so far, so while we agreed that he has the entire year to read that one I really wanted him to find one where he would sit down and not get up until the book was done.

Well if just so happens that yesterday while at the used book store I stumbled upon a book that I thought might do the trick. It was in the clearance section and it happened to be a Red Dwarf book. My husband loves that series so I thought that he would probably like to read that. Add in the fact that it was only fifty cents to get it and I figured I couldn’t go wrong. So while I walked away with a stack of books for myself I have also gotten him that book.

Flash forward to today. While putting my newly acquired books on my shelf I tossed the Red Dwarf book at my husband and went back to arranging my books. When I turned around I saw the most fantastic thing in the world: my husband was reading the book! I was shocked and pleased at the same time. An hour later, he was still read. Two hours later, yup still reading.

Marathon-20130210-00185So there he is, sitting at his desk reading the book. I’m still in shock that this happened and while I figured he reach maybe twenty pages and quit he didn’t. Fast forward some seven hours later and he finished the book! My husband finished a book, and it was one I bought for him. I’m still in shock, he sat there the whole time, only getting up once to fill his water bottle and then an hour break so we could go out to dinner, and read it from start to finish. Maybe this is the first step to unlocking the reader in him, even if it’s not I am thrilled that I was able to get him to read this one book. He still has to finish Pride and Prejudice before the year is out but I can scratch off one book goal for the year.


5 thoughts on “Book Goal Complete: Husband Reads A Book

  1. My boyfriend recently started reading of his own volition and seems pretty excited about reading Hugo award winners; I was thrilled! Hopefully your husband finds some more books and sticks with it. It’s always fun to share an activity you enjoy with your significant other 🙂

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