Off The Shelf: Starting Something New


Welcome to Off The Shelf, a semi-daily blog post about a large variety of things. Posts may and often will contain talk of books, though I will keep actual reviews separate and memes to their respective days. This is simply my opportunity to shares my thoughts with you on topics other than books and talk about what is happening in my life.

Let me just start by saying I got the idea for these posts by reading Morning Meanderings over at Book Journey. I though ‘Hey I could do something like that where it allows me to talk about things going on in my life without taking completely away from the book side of my blog’ and so I finally got around to doing just that.

Though there hasn’t been a lot happening in my life lately, partially due to winter and partially because of the small town I live in I do have some exciting news, well at least I find it exciting. Last weekend we, my husband, son and I, ended up going on a shopping trip. While we were there we hit this toy store that for the past six years we didn’t know existed. Let me tell you it was amazing, I really wish I could have taken some pictures to show you but my camera battery was at a critical low so pictures were not an awesome. It was huge and had so many awesome toys. Our son got a Lego Star Wars set, specifically the one with the Rancor, but that’s not the best part. My husband and I spotted, then instantly agreed we had to buy, a Crokinole board.

Now I don’t know how many of you remember or have played Crokinole but I was super excited. I remember playing this so many time at my grandparents house to the point I would have a bruise under my nail from flicking the pieces. I was never good at it but man did I enjoy it. I love board games and while we could have bought some of the newer games they had there this was a must buy that day. While we haven’t had a chance to play it yet there will definitely be some Crokinole playing in the near future.

In other news I spent way too much money on the Win-Win Sale over at Audible. Audio books are my new love and seeing so many great ones I sale I went a bit overboard. There’s only a few days left of the sale so while I’m trying to curb my spending a bit I keep eying some books wondering if I should get them now or hold off for the time being. Add these books to the pile I bought at the used book store on the weekend as well as the two new overflowing shelves sitting beside my desk and I have a LOT of reading ahead of me.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for more Off The Shelf in the future along with my regular book reviews and memes.


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