Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is the Top Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist (if you could make authors write about these things you would. Could be a specific type of character, an issue tackled, a time period, a certain plot, etc.)

You know, I feel that generally speaking everything I want to see in a book exists out there, I just might not have found it yet. But there are things that I would like to see more of. So here are the things on my reading list, in no particular.

  1. Non-Perfect Characters. There is nothing I hate more than characters that have perfect hair, eyes, breasts, bodies, etc. I want characters that aren’t perfect in every way, maybe they are a little chubby, maybe they need glasses or talk with a lisp. There needs to be more main characters that fall in this category.
  2. Norse Mythology Based Fiction. I love all mythology, but I feel like there needs to be more books that have Norse mythology in them. There might be some that I haven’t found yet but yes there needs to me more.
  3. Vikings. Vikings are awesome. And yes they tie into Norse mythology, but even so I just want more viking books.
  4. Unicorns. I know there are tons of books about unicorns but I need more. So many more.
  5. Male POV Books. Nearly all the books I have read that written in first person involve female characters telling the story. I would like to see more when men tell the story.
  6. Animal Perspective Books. I’m talking books told by the animals, like Black Beauty and Watership Down, stories about animals told by the animals themselves.
  7. Evil Winning. I know people love it when the good guy wins, but that’s pretty much the end result of nearly every book. I want the bad guys to win.
  8. No More Love-Triangles. Seriously, I’m so sick of these. It’s really the main reason I tend to avoid YA books, cause they almost always have this crap in them.

24 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday

  1. These are some really great ideas! I’d love to read more books with Norse Mythology and Vikings! I recently finished Zombies Vs. Unicorns, and now unicorns sort of creep me out.. they’re usually killer unicorns or something else twisted, the stuff of nightmares 🙂
    A story where evil wins would be really great, if done right. And if I wouldn’t get too attached to characters, otherwise I’d probably lose it 😀
    I’m really sick of all love triangles too. I miss more good friendships between boys and girl in YA. Thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂

    • I thought about reading Unicorns vs. Zombies but felt that it wouldn’t be good. And yes I agree, evil winning in the end has to be done right, which is probably why there aren’t books like that. Yes, I don’t understand why there can’t be more friend relationships instead of love triangles, it would be so much more realistic that way.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great reading week.

  2. Total agreement here on numbers 1 and 8. Fewer love triangles made my TTT list, too. And I’d like more realistic-looking characters, too, though I didn’t put it on my list. #6 is good, too. I’d like more well-written animal books generally – fictional ones, not the pet memoirs in which the pet always, inevitably, dies. (BTW, take a look at Gwen Cooper’s Love Saves the Day, which has three narrators, one of whom is a cat. The cat’s narration is beautifully done.)

    • Realistic characters are so few and far between. I understand the appeal of perfect characters but they occur way too often. Yes, they need to be fiction not pet memoirs. I can’t handle pet memoirs, they are just too sad. Oh thanks for the suggestion, I shall have to look for that book at my library.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great reading week.

    • Yes, exactly. Whatever happened to average looking people? They used to be in books years ago and now it’s like they are an endangered species or something.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great reading week.

    • I wish I knew how/why they started, because then I would have incentive to build a time machine and stop it from every happening and becoming a plague upon books.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great reading week.

      • If you haven’t checked out “XO Orpheus” you totally should. That title may be backwards, but it’s a collection of modern authors retelling a bunch of mythology stories from all over the world. It’s awesome. It was published by Penguin last year.

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