Mini Bloggiesta Ends

The mini Bloggiesta has come and gone and boy what a great time it was. I got a lot of work done on my blog and was so glad I got to participate in this event once more. While I’ve been doing better on keeping up with things on my blog this year Bloggiesta certainly did help get a few other things done as well as forced me to do some projects that I had been putting off again and again. Then there are those things you don’t even think about until you see some other Bloggiesta participant mention them and those then get added to the list.

What Was On My To Do List:

  • Finalize several partially written reviews
  • Schedule reviews for February
  • Do some background work on blog
  • Write up Top Ten Tuesday posts for February
  • Work on new blog feature

What I Accomplished:

  • Finished writing and scheduled eight reviews
  • Wrote and scheduled TTT posts for February and March, and drafted most for April
  • Wrote and scheduled several Waiting on Wednesday posts
  • Cleared out my email
  • Wrote and posted intro and scheduled first post for new blog feature
  • Did some background work on blog (some things haven’t been finalized but want them just right before applying the changes)
  • Participated in the Twitter chat
  • Completed the Back To The Basics mini challenge
  • Backed up my blog

I once again had a fun time participating in the Mini Bloggiesta and cannot wait until the full Bloggiesta comes up in March to do it all again. Did you join in on Bloggiesta? Did you get your list done?


6 thoughts on “Mini Bloggiesta Ends

    • Thanks! I’m still shocked that I got so much done. That’s great to hear that you got to participate in your first Bloggiesta, they are such fun. Haha sometimes tasks do take much longer to complete than you expect they will but hey you got it done so that’s all that matters.
      Thanks for stopping by. Have a great reading week.

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