Book Review: The Lovers

My rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The author provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Man, oh man. What a book! I admit, I was a bit worried after reading The Hierophant that things wouldn’t be brought to a point where I would be happy with things. But I had nothing to worry. This book was fantastic. Shortly after starting it I found myself smiling like a fool, and that smile only grew more with each page I read. Hell, even the next day I was still grinning like an idiot, knowing how things had come to a perfect conclusion for Season One.

The confusion from the previous two books, The Emperor and The Hierophant, finally made sense and I almost wanted to kick myself for not figuring it out sooner. There were actually a few things I should have picked up on before but didn’t. We learn so much about Kelsey’s character in this book, so many new and yet already known things. But not just about Kelsey, about nearly all of the characters involved in the story at this point.

At one point I remember going “No!” and shaking my Kindle as if it were an Etch A Stetch and that if I shook it hard enough I could erase what I just read. Obviously it didn’t work. Within a couple of paragraphs of that point I accepted what had happened, because it worked perfectly and I wouldn’t want that thing undone. Well, okay, a small part of me wants it undone or changed, but I’m sure in time I will fully accept it, and perhaps there will be more details surrounding that event in the future books.

These books are so cleverly written that the intricate details woven throughout will surprise you, and make you want to read it all over again. I highly recommend this series to everyone. Now that Season One is complete. I will be going back and reading all of the books together. I cannot wait for Season Two to arrive. There are still quite a few unanswered questions, and a few bombs dropped along the way, that I really need the answers to. If you haven’t read these book, you need to go do so now.


22 thoughts on “Book Review: The Lovers

  1. I haven’t read this series yet to be honest but I want to. You make the book sound good!
    “These books are so cleverly written that the intricate details woven throughout will surprise you, and make you want to read it all over again.”
    That quote really struck me with you! I was on the fence about reading the series but I think I’ll pick it up now. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

  2. I absolutely agree with you on everything. I thought this book was genius and I had some suspicions but I was totally wrong! Karen really outdid herself. Great review! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Okay, I think my comment got lost in the interwebs *squints suspiciously at screen* but the gist of it was, that I totally agree with you! I thought this book was brilliant and Karen did an amazing job. Great review!

  4. After what seemed like months of confusion I finally have answers and they’ve blown me away! What an incredible twist of events! Reading it, it was like I was on a roller coaster, I knew there were twists coming up but never how soon they would be coming. It was a great read and one of my favorites!

  5. I still havenยดt read this series but I really want to cause I loved The Kindlrily series! It is on my top TBR list. Great review and spoiler free =) Great job

  6. Thank you so much for your honest review!! This book as well as the author are new to me, putting the book on my TBR list!

  7. I’m a new reader and you just said that things from The Emperor and The Hierophant would finally make sense…Are you otherwise saying that I’m going to expect some mind-blowing stuff from this series, hmm? You’re putting me on edge! Especially if you’re saying it got you to shake your kindle like that! My phone’s going to experience an earthquake once I get to it!

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