January 2016 Book Haul

bookhaulWhile I didn’t make it one of my official resolutions for this year, I once again am trying to buy as few books as possible. I have SO many unread books on my shelf that it seems kind of silly to keep buying more. That being said, I will inevitably buy some books over the year, mostly those that continue a series I am actively reading or by authors I can’t say no to.

And now onto the actual haul. In my defense, I bought all of these books back in December when there was the boxing week sales happening. So even though they arrived in January, I am still on track so far for keeping my book buying limited this year.

Taking advantage of those sale, I tried to make a dent in the Star Wars books I needed to finish up my Expanded Universe (now called Legends) books. I am still missing a few, but with these new arrivals I am so close to having them all. I also got a couple of books from the new Star Wars canon. Overall, it was a Star Wars heavy book month, but there’s nothing wrong with that.



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