Spring 2016 Bloggiesta Finish Line

Bloggiesta is pretty much over and so I thought it would be fun to take a moment and look back on the things I had planned to do, what I accomplished and everything else that happened during this week long event. I always enjoy Bloggiesta. It gives me that kick in the butt I need to get things done, especially those things I normally ignore or put off for another day.

So just how well did I do this time around?

What I planned to do:

  • Purge emails.
  • Update Book Review List
  • Update One Million Pages Challenge
  • Update my book catalog
  • Possibly update my layout
  • Visit other blogs and comment/like/follow them
  • Write and schedule several review posts

What I accomplished:

  • Purged emails.
  • Updated Book Review List
  • Updated One Million Pages Challenge
  • Update my book catalog
  • Visited all participating blogs and commented on all but those requiring me to use Disqus.
  • Wrote and scheduled six review posts
  • Wrote and scheduled Top Ten Tuesday posts for April
  • Participated in all but one Twitter chat
  • Joined a Book Blogger Mastermind group
  • Learned a lot from other bloggers

Things in the works:

  • Minor tweaking to my layout
  • Adding a new feature to the blog – will launch in April or May
  • Learning about new plug-ins and finding which ones will benefit me the most and then downloading/using them

There are a few other things that I may look at doing in the near future. But right now, I am very happy with what I got done and will be working on a few of these things in the coming weeks. How did you do this Bloggiesta? Did you get everything you wanted done or did you struggle with your goals?


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