March 2016 Book Haul


I’ve been doing pretty darn good about not buying any new books this year. I have bought a few along the way, but those purchases were small and spread out over the last few months. I hadn’t planning on buying any books this month, but a trip to the city meant the chance to go into a book store and I knew I wouldn’t walk out empty handed even if I tried.

While doing some other necessary shopping, I found myself visiting Chapters, as well as a used book store called The Book Shelf. The used book store also has a game store attached to it, called The Game Shelf – it’s there that we also ended up buying an expansion for Settlers of Catan. Between Chapters and The Book Shelf I ended up buying 9 new and used books. I found a few unexpected books at the used book store and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy them, as I have never seen them in the store before. Some I didn’t even realize existed until then, but they were written by authors I really enjoy (which makes me feel like a terrible reader, I should know about all the books that these authors have written).

I thought I was done buying books for the month after that trip, but then Chapters had an offer where they bumped up your Plum Points to $50 worth for a limited amount of time. And of course, I couldn’t say no to grabbing $50 worth of free books. So I found myself perusing my wish list and ended up getting a little bit more than I had planned on spending. But hey, I got $63 of books for just $13, so can’t complain.

Between these two shopping expeditions I ended up bringing in 13 new books into the house. Now I really need to focus on reading more, instead of buying more. We’ll see if that happens or if I succumb to the call of new books in the coming months. I do have a few preorders that will be coming soon, but other than those, I will try to curb my spending.


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