June & July 2016 Book Haul


It’s been a while since I have done a book haul, mostly because it’s been a few months since I have bought any books. However, during June and July, I went to a couple of book stores while on vacation and so as a result, I bought a few books. A couple of pre-ordered books also finally arrived during that time.

The books on the left I bought at Chapters, which were on a 2 for $10 deal and I just couldn’t pass them up. The book in the middle I found at a Thrift store my sister took us to while on vacation and scooped it up because it sounded like a neat read. And the pile on the left is a combination of books I bought at my favorite used book store in Sudbury and some online pre-orders. In total, I brought in 15 new books into the house.


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