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Let’s talk bookmarks.

I love bookmarks. These little pieces of paper/cardboard/wood that mark your place in a book without ruining the pages. Since I heavily prefer physical books over ebooks, I have an extra appreciation of bookmarks. Without them, I would be lost. Of course, speaking of being lost, I have lost so many bookmarks over the year it’s not even funny. Some I have found and others seem to be forever gone. There have been times when I have had to resort to using recipes, coupons and other things in place of a bookmark because they all disappeared on me.

Every time I go into a book store, I want to buy a bookmark. It doesn’t matter if I already own 5 or 500, I just want another one. But more so, I want to buy one that matches one of the books I’m buying. See, I love to have a bookmark match the book I am reading. It doesn’t always work out that way of course, but I try my best.

For me, buying a book and buying a bookmark is very similar. I like to take my time, looking over the selection that the store has. I will pick one up, inspect it front and back and then put it back. This process will be repeated for a number of them, generally the ones that peak my interest. If there are a few I really like, it can take me a long time to finally choose which one to buy. The same thing happens with books, especially when I have a limited budget to work with. I have to pick my favorite and remember the others for the next time. Plus bookmarks are not exactly cheap either, they can be a few dollars each, so I try to limit myself to one per trip – sometimes I get none, because of the price or the stock the store has.

I can’t just talk about bookmarks without showing off my small collection of them. It’s small at the moment, because I somehow keep loosing them, and I’ve noticed less and less bookmarks available in store, but it keeps me happy.

Aren’t they pretty? Some of them, about half, I got from ordering books through Book Depository. It’s actually kinda nice to get a bookmark with each book. And they have a pretty neat selection of them. It’s completely random which one you get, and because of that I have some repeats, but that’s okay. Some of these are from my childhood and are in rough shape, but I still use them regularly, I’m just a bit more careful with them than the newer ones.

Do you love bookmarks as much as I do? Have a special bookmark?


8 thoughts on “Shelf Talk: Bookmarks

  1. Love your bookmarks.

    Do you display them that way or how do you organize them?

    I can’t tell which ones are from your childhood..they all look in great shape. 🙂

    I have bookmarks but hate to use them. LOL!! I usually use bills or envelopes.

    I hope your week has been good.

    I like SHELF TALK.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My Blog

    • I usually just piled them up on a bookshelf. Though now I have a little container to hold them that sits on one of my shelves.
      The Tom & Jerry one is easily 25 years old, and the unicorn and pegasus ones beside that one are probably 20is years old and have all kids of bends in them, the picture just doesn’t show it well.
      Ha ha, that’s funny. but hey whatever works!
      Glad to hear you are liking Shelf Talk, it will be posted every other Friday, so be sure to come back for more future topics.

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