September & October 2016 Book Haul


Yup, I bought more books. I told myself that I shouldn’t buy anymore, but then we went on vacation and that meant all kinds of stores were available to me, and in the end, I bought books. It’s okay though, because I didn’t buy as many as I thought I would – mostly because the used book stores didn’t have all the books I was looking for.

So between a trip to Costco, Chapters, Coles, Bay Used Books and an online pre-order arriving, I brought in a total of 30 books. Now I realize that seems like a lot, and honestly it is, but that Roald Dahl collection really bumped up the numbers quite a bit, yet I couldn’t leave it behind because his books are amazing and it was the best way to get them all – plus they were only $20, so major deal!

The highlight for me was finding those four Xena: Warrior Princess books. I didn’t even know there were Xena novels out there! Now I have to add to my ‘books to buy’ list, because I need to find the rest of the series.


2 thoughts on “September & October 2016 Book Haul

    • Makes me wonder what other TV show related books are out there that I don’t know about. Indeed there is one Veronica Mars book, and that’s another one I need to find more of. I love Veronica Mars too, shame it’s over.

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