Series Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars – Season 1-3

Warning: There will be spoilers in this review.

Back in 2008, Star Wars: The Clone Wars was released and I instantly fell in love with the show. Unfortunately due to constant changes in the scheduling, I started missing episodes around season three. Recently I decided to watch all of the episodes in chronological order, as found in this list, so that I could finally see the entire series and enjoy it.

The first season, including the movie, introduces viewers to the full scale of the clone wars. At galaxy at war is huge, but seeing it affect so many planets, especially when there is a different planet for each episode really puts things into perspective. In fact, it’s seeing all of those planets, especially ones that didn’t make it into the series films that really makes me appreciate this series. They could have stuck to just a few world, the ones that most people know of, but instead they visited a vast array of planets and systems throughout the clone wars. The season also helps to introduce a lot of new characters who will play major and minor roles throughout the remainder of the series.

I found that the first two seasons went by really quickly, and I believe part of this was because there was a lot of setting up of events, introducing and sometimes reintroducing characters. It was in the third season that things really began to pick up and it’s here that I found myself truly in love with the series. A lot had happened prior to this season, but this is when everything got ramped up just that extra bit.

One story arc I really enjoyed in the third season was the Father, Son & Daughter plot line. This really put a lot of focus on Anakin, especially in relation to his destiny of being the Chosen One. But more so, I felt like the Father, Son and Daughter were interesting characters and their connection to the Force and how their lives and actions could affect the entire galaxy was really what made these episodes so enjoyable.

It is also in this season that there is a lot of growth when it comes to Ahsoka’s character. She is really finding her place among the Jedi and the galaxy, though still has moments of doubts when tough situations comes up. Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme and many of the other main characters also show a lot fo growth during this season, but it is certain Ahsoka that stands out the most in this respect. Though one thing did bother me, and that was that there was no explanation as to how and why Ahsoka changed from wielding a single lightsaber to now dual-wielding. I know it has to do with her fighting style, as two sabers work better for her, but I feel there should have been at least one episode showing her gaining that second lightsaber.

I absolutely loved the episodes revolving around Asajj Ventress and the Nightsisters on Dathomir. I felt in love with Dathomir after reading The Courtship of Princess Leia many years ago, and was so happy that they included the planet and the Nightsisters in this series. Also finding out that Asajj was was Nightsister made me love her character even more. Speaking of Asajj’s character, I just have to say that I have absolutely enjoyed every time she fights with Obi-Wan because the banter between those two is priceless. I was a bit disappointed that they also didn’t include any of the Witches from Dathomir, who are the light side wielders of the planet, while the Nightsisters use the dark side and ancient magic.

Another enjoyable story arc involved Mandalore and the Death Watch. What made this one stand out to me was finding out about Obi-Wan’s love interest, Satine, the Duchess of Mandalore. A bit of their history together is shared over the episodes, but I certainly craved more (perhaps I will find some more answer in the Clone Wars book from the Legends series or in future episodes of this series). Admittedly, I want them to get together, but I can tell that that won’t happen.

Other highlights from the first three seasons are seeing Tarkin, although he is on the Republic side at the time (which I admit was a bit weird even though I knew it made sense, since the Empire was formed from the Republic). Then there was the episodes that reintroduced Chewbacca, and had him working along side Ahsoka as they tried to escape Trandoshan trophy hunters. I also really enjoyed the character Tera Sinube, an ancient Jedi who helps Ahsoka when she loses her lightsaber in season two. This old Jedi taught Ahsoka a lot, and I hope his character makes appearances in future episodes.

Overall, I really enjoyed the first three seasons of this series. They are well put together, pretty face paced and enjoyable for all ages. I look forward to seeing what the next three season have in store.


2 thoughts on “Series Review: Star Wars The Clone Wars – Season 1-3

  1. I had no idea there were so many seasons, and I think the fact that it’s animated has held me back even though I love Star Wars. Maybe I need to give this another try. I know the Ahsoka character only vaguely but she does look kinda kickass lol and so does Asajj Ventress. And it would be really interesting to see Tarkin when he was still in the Republic!

    I’ve always liked the idea of the Clone Wars, I’ll have to see if Netflix has it.

    • There should have been eight seasons, but it was ended early when Disney took over Lucas Films. Don’t let the fact that it’s animated hold you back, it is totally worth watching. Ahsoka and Asajj are my favorite characters in the series, I like plenty others, but they take top prize. Yes, it’s odd to see him on Republic side, but that’s where he started. You can see a glimmer of the man he becomes under the empire in the episodes he’s in.
      Netflix has all six seasons, just make sure you follow the chronological list I linked to get the most out of the series.

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