Shelf Talk: Bad Movies & Why I Watch Them


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When we watch a movie, whether in the theater or in the comfort of our own homes, we want to enjoy it. We want to not waste our time and money on something that we didn’t like. Of course it doesn’t always work out that way. Sometimes, you go into a movie expecting to love it, and walk out feeling let down. Movies are better when we enjoy them.

Yet, there’s something about going out of your way to watch a bad movie. My husband and I have been doing this for a few years now. On his day off, we pick out a movie that has terrible reviews and we watch it. This may sound odd, but sometimes these movies are so bad that they are entertaining. I’ll admit, there have been times when the movie we watched was so bad, I regret watching it. But for the most part, it’s something we enjoy. It’s a great way to spend time together and when it’s all over, we get to discuss the movie, often picking it apart and trying to find anything good within it.

The great part is, sometimes, you find hidden gems. We’ve been surprised by some movies that have gotten one or two star reviews and after we have watched them, we can’t believe how good they were. One example was Harlock: Space Pirate. This was a movie we watched on Netflix and we weren’t expecting much from it. After all, it had a rating of two stars. But you know what, this movie was great.

Another hidden gem was Grabbers. I spotted this one at the dollar store a while back and figured why not. A movie about blood sucking aliens invading an Irish town sounded fun enough. But add in the fact that alcohol is fatal to the aliens, and you’ve got a masterpiece. We laughed so much during this movie. It was another great find among the bad movie pile.

With so many movies, from both big and small companies, being produced every year, we have an seemingly endless supply of bad movie fodder. Really the biggest problem is choosing which one to watch each week.

What is your opinion on bad movies? Love them, hate them, tolerate them? Any bad movies you think I should watch?


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