February 2017 Book Haul


I am a terrible person. I bought books, yet again. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy anything new in February and yet I came home with a stake of books after a shopping trip. On top of that, a few pre-orders came in this month, though I don’t really count those against myself (I figure if I ordered them 6+ months ago then they don’t count as new purchases – even though I got charged for them this month). In total, I got eight books this month.

So here’s a little story about the stack of books I bought this month. I had to go into the city for a necessary shopping trip and figured since I was there I would hit up the book store if I had time. Well, I had time and when I got there I told myself I would get just one book, and that one book would be Scarlet by Marissa Meyer so that I could at least keep going with the series until my next trip to the city in a month or so. When I got the the young adult section, I saw Scarlet there and was excited. Then beside it I spotted every other book in the Lunar Chronicles series and had to make a decision. Do I buy them all now and save myself the hassle of coming back and hoping that they have a copy, or just buy Scarlet and get the rest if/when they have them next. Now, obviously I got them all, but I did take some time to think this over – you know, all of about five seconds while I frantically grabbed them off the shelf.

So, now I have officially forbidden myself from buying any books in March. I do believe I have one preorder coming in March, but again, that doesn’t count against me. We’ll see how well I do with this month long buying ban.


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