Monday Progress Report

Reviews Posted Last Week:
The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan

What I did Last Week


I did a decent amount of reading last week, managing to get through three books, though they were all fairly short. First up I read Warcraft: Legends Volume 1. While I enjoyed this, I did find a couple of issues with it. I’ll be posting a full review of this book soon.



Next up Warcraft: Legends Volume 2. Much like the first volume, I enjoyed this book but again found a couple of issues with it.  I’ll be posting a full review of this book soon.




Lastly, I read Murder In Minor Key. While I liked this one, I have to say it was one of my least favorite Murder, She Wrote novels so far. Like the previous novels, I highly doubt I will post a review of this one.





I didn’t watch much last week. I finally finished the third season of The Golden Girls. For Family Movie Night we ended up watching Wonder Woman, the 2009 animated movie, and we all enjoyed it. Outside of that, I pretty much ignored the TV.


I honestly didn’t do much last week. I did some writing, but not a ton. I am ahead on my word count goal for Camp NaNoWriMo, though I have failed at keeping my word count updated on the site. I did some baking but not too much. I also got sucked into World of Warcraft again. I’ve been wanting to play it for a while now, especially since Legion came out, and I finally broke down and did that, but now it’s eating up a lot of my time playing catch up since I hadn’t played it for four years. Other than that, I spend a bunch of time outside, enjoying the unseasonably warm weather.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I just started reading Through Stone And Sea. I only got a few pages into this one, but I’m hoping to get it done this week. However, if it’s like the previous book in the series, it may be a bit of a slog to get through.



I also plan on reading Saga this week. I just got these books and I’m dying to read them. I think reading these in between chapters of Through Stone And Sea is my best bet. I may or may not read all seven volumes of Saga this week.



No real plans for TV or movies this week. I will probably watch stuff based upon my mood or what I happen to find on on a particular day.


I really need to get back to the house purge, so the plan is to get one room done this week. I also need to take a bunch of stuff to donate from the previous round of purging that I did a month or so ago. Writing will also be a priority, because I would like to reach my word count goal for Camp NaNoWriMo early and at the rate I’m going, that will happen. The weather should remain nice this week, so I will have a chance to clean up the yard and maybe even work a bit in the garden to start prepping it for planting next months.


6 thoughts on “Monday Progress Report

  1. Sounds like you are keeping busy. I’ve never gotten into Warcraft or Murder, She Wrote. I’m kind of glad. I don’t need more things to be obsessed with. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    • Definitely keeping busy, which is nice. Warcraft can be super addictive, so probably good you never got into it. Murder, She Wrote is good is you like mystery. I totally get that, I have way too many series and games and other things that I follow, it’s hard to keep up with all of it.

    • I have lost track of the number times I watched the Murder, She Wrote series. The books are good and very similar to how the episodes were, but nothing beats watching Jessica Fletcher on the screen solving the mystery. Hope you are enjoying your road trip!

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