May & June 2017 Book Haul

Yup, I bought books again. In fact, I bought quite a few over this two month period. In my defense, I hadn’t planned on buying any books in May, but then my husband was going hiking for a week and to make it up to me he told me to buy whatever I wanted – so naturally I ordered a number of books. Then came June, my birthday month, and I went a bit book crazy buying myself books because of that. It didn’t help that Chapters had some good deals during this time as well.

In May, I ended up buying a total of seven books, which I also read during that month. On top of this, I bought the Marko and Alana figures because I have really enjoyed the Saga series and wanted to add them to my shelf.

In June I ended up with eleven books coming into the house. It’s a lot of books, but on the upside, I read half of them during the month as well, so at least they aren’t just being added to my ever expanding (and often greatly ignored) TBR.

So between the two months, I bought eighteen books and read a majority of them. I would say that I don’t plan on buying anything in July, but that would be a big old lie because I have some orders arriving during that month, but I will try to keep my spending under control (hopefully) so my bank account can recover.


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