July 2017 Book Haul

I have been trying really hard to not buy books. But the harsh reality is…that I have been completely failing at this. My husband is partially to blame, because he encouraged me to buy whatever books I wanted last time Chapters had a big sale and extra point event. The other person to blame is myself, because I just can’t walk into a book store and come out empty handed.

Over the course of the month I bought books online and also in store. First up, are my online purchase. Though I technically ordered these books in June, they did not arrive until July. In this order, I got Volumes 4 to 8 of A Bride’s Story. These books I read as soon as they arrived and I really enjoyed them.

At the end of the month, we ended up traveling to Sudbury for a short vacation. The main purpose of the trip was to visit the science center, which the boy absolutely loves. Of course, we weren’t allowed to leave the city until we visited my favorite used book store there, Bay Used Books. I only visit this store once a year, so I tend to walk out with quite a few books, and this trip was no exception. We also ended up going to Chapters (twice), and there I bought a few more books – mostly manga, because their manga section was huge. I wanted to buy so many more volumes of manga but tried to restrict myself (mostly because my wallet couldn’t handle a full on manag shopping spree). So, a whopping twenty-eight books came home with me on this trip.

In total, I ended up buying thirty-three books this month, which is honestly a lot. But like I said, it was a once a year opportunity for the most part, so I had to make it count.


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