Monday Progress Report

Reviews Posted Last Week:

What I did Last Week


I did a bit of reading last week, however I didn’t get any books done. Though I did make some progress with Rhapsody, as book that has been half read since October, so I’m happy with that.


I sort of ignored the TV this week. I didn’t watch anything I normally do each week. We did start our Christmas movie marathon and so far we watched Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas Special, Santa Buddies and A Garfield Christmas Special. I also watched Your Name again, because I just love this movie so much.


I feel like this week I did nothing and yet I did quite a bit. I did a major cleaning of the house and discovered a pile of things I forgot to donate a while ago, so I took those to the donation place. I wrapped up some presents, make some decorations and placed them in my reading corner. I had a baking order, which was a bunch of dog treats, so that took up a good chunk of one day. Then I finally made a carrot cake, something I had been promising hubby and the boy for weeks now. Since the weather was quite nice, I took the dog for a walk several times, since it’s rare we have nice warm weather this late in the year. I also played a crap ton of World of Warcraft. I have been absolutely loving playing this game again, even though I had only stopped playing for a month, it felt like an eternity and I’m definitely it catch up mode.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I’m hoping to get some reading done, but I have no idea how much reading time I will have. I do really want to focus on Rhapsody, because that book has been partially read for more than a month, so it would be nice to finally finish it.


Not real solid plans here, except that I know we will be continuing to watch a Christmas movie every day, I just don’t know which movies we will be watching yet.


There will be lots of World of Warcraft for me this week. I also have some holiday baking that I want to get done, name gingerbread and some cookies. The weather is supposed to stay decently warm, so I will be taking advantage of that and walking the dog as much as I can. I will also be setting aside a day or two this week to work on reviews and some misc blog posts that I have been putting off for far too long.


6 thoughts on “Monday Progress Report

  1. I have a book like that on my stack. I read a few pages and then switch off and read something else then go back and read a few pages more. I really need to concentrate and finish that book so that I can check it off my list. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

    • That’s how I am with this book. I keep wandering away from it after a few pages, but I figure even if I keep doing that, I’m at least still making progress, slow progress but hey it counts. It’s hard because I’m really enjoying the story, but it’s just not the type of book I can sit and read for long periods of time.

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