Book Series Review: Bird & Squirrel


My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Back in January, my son got Bird & Squirrel On The Edge from one of his friends on his birthday. My son is not a reader, so seeing the excitement over the book told me this was something special. Then the fact that he read this book as soon as we got home from the party, instead of playing with the toys he got, I knew this was a great book. That same day we went online and ordered the other three books. A week later, we had the full series and my son eagerly started reading them as soon as he got home from school. Then as soon as he was down he brought them to me and asked if I wanted to read them. Seeing how much he loved these books, I knew I had to, plus I was curious about the books.

I read all four in one sitting. They were fast, fun reads. I can certainly see why my son enjoyed them so much. I have to say that between the friend heavy story line and the artwork, this was a wonderful collection of books. I won’t go into too much detail, but I will say that I think these are excellent books for kids, that show the value of friendship and the joys of adventuring with that friend, even if it is very unexpected.

Like my son, I do hope that there are more books coming out in this series, because it would be great to continue to see the friendship of Bird and Squirrel evolve with each book.

Monday Progress Report

Reviews Posted Last Week:
In Shade And Shadow by Barb & J.C. Hendee

What I did Last Week


I read a lot last week. Mostly it was thanks to the 24 hour read-a-thon on Saturday, otherwise, I might not have finished a single book. First up, I finally finished The Battle of The Labyrinth. This one wasn’t as strong as the previous books in the series. I’ll be posting a full review in the coming weeks.



Then I read The Thousand Dollar Tan Line. Having watched the entire Veronica Mars series and movie last year, it was nice to revisit it with this book. I certainly enjoyed this book, though not as much as if it had have been an episode or movie, but still good. I’ll be posting a full review in the coming weeks.


Next up I read all seven volumes of Saga. This graphic novel series is so damn good, I was kicking myself for not starting it sooner, yet glad I waited because it meant I have seven volumes to chain read. I’ll be posting a full review in the coming weeks.



Finally, I read the three volumes of .hack// Legend of The Twilight. This short manga series was good, but considering I have never played any of the games, watched any of the series or read any of the other manga’s I definitely felt like I was missing something in the story. I’ll be posting a full review in the coming weeks.



I didn’t really watch much this week. I honestly can’t even think of a time when I have the TV on. We even skipped family movie night – because of the read-a-thon.


Last week was, in my opinion, a big steaming pile of shit. The in-laws came for a visit, which I was expecting. However, I wasn’t expecting a big winter storm to hit and essentially shut down most of Northern Ontario for two whole days. Schools were closed, businesses were closed, thought he highways remained open despite poor conditions. This of course also meant I wasn’t able to go to the city to see Your Name, which really irked me. So I was stuck in the house, with the in-laws, the boy and the husband, and for the most part, I hide in the computer room and played World of Warcraft to help keep my annoyance and anger in check. Due to Your Name being in theater for only one day, I sadly couldn’t go see it some other day, so now I’m stuck waiting until it hits DVD later this year. Really the only upside was when the in-laws left and the storm finally subsided. Well, the read-a-thon on Saturday was pretty awesome as well, since it gave me the kick in the pants that I needed to get a bunch of reading done.

What I Plan To Do This Week


I’ll be reading some of The Complete Western Collection of Elmore Leonard. I started this short story collection on Saturday and got five of the thirty stories read. So I’ll be reading a few this week, and likely the next couple of weeks, to slowly finish it off.



I also plan on starting Cress. I’ve been dying to continue on with this series, but wanted to wait until I knew I had time to fully devote to reading it and not be distracted by things to enjoy this one.




No real plans for TV or movies this week. Might watch some things on the PVR, might not, only time will tell.


No plans on this front either. Just going to see what the week holds for me.

Top Ten Tuesday


Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week is all about visuals. So I am going with the Top Ten Graphic Novels/Comics/Manga I Want To Read.

  1. Naussicaa of The Valley of The Wind. Love the movie and would love to read the manga.
  2. Saga. I’ve heard so many good things about this one that I want to read it.
  3. Nimona. Again, I’ve heard lots of good things about this one, so I want to check it out.
  4. Inuyasha. I have watched the anime series but would love to read all the manga as well.
  5. Ranma 1/2. Another case of I’ve watched and loved the series but have yet to read the manga.
  6. Wonder Woman. Especially the older Wonder Woman comics, but really any of them will do.
  7. Xena: Warrior Princess. I only found out recently that there are Xena comics, so I want to read them.
  8. She-Ra & He-Man. I have read a few of these newer comics, but I really want to read the rest.
  9. Star Wars. There are so many Star Wars comics/graphic novels out there, but I want to read them all.

Book Review: Wonder Woman Earth One: Volume 1

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

The publisher provided me with a copy to review via Net Galley.

This review does contain spoilers.

It has been some time since I have read, let alone reviewed, a graphic novel. So when I saw the chance to read and review the newest Wonder Woman graphic novel, I jumped at the chance. I have always enjoyed Wonder Woman, from the old 80s comic books, to the TV series staring Lynda Carter (yes, I watched a show made before I was born), to the 2009 cartoon movie, they all have a great quality about them. Naturally, I wanted to see what this newest version of Wonder Woman had in store.

This is a modernized retelling of Diana/Wonder Woman’s beginning, and I expected from this that some changes had to be made. However, I wasn’t expecting them to strip away the overall essence of Wonder Woman.

Though the art is good enough, I did find some of the panels to be completely ridiculous, especially those that depicted some of the characters in impossible poses. I get that comics often have things drawn inaccurately, because they want a certain pose to happen and it’s not possibly without bending the rules a bit, but they did bother me.

However, what bugged me the most was when Wonder Woman made her trip into “Man’s World”. Of course this was bound to happen at some point, as that’s where Wonder Woman truly tends to take off. Yet in this case, it was her reaction to woman that I found to be insulting. Yes, I expect someone who lived a sheltered life among only female warriors to view woman from man’s world differently, but to essentially see them as grotesque and deformed really irked me. It’s as though the writer wanted to insult woman, especially woman whose bodies aren’t perfect, and did so through Wonder Woman’s reaction. And let me just say, it takes a lot of offend me, but this did it.

Once this part happened I found it really hard to continue on with the book. I did, and it didn’t get much better. Honestly, I’m fine with the Amazon’s having lesbian relationships, it actually kind of makes sense in a way, I’m fine with updating Wonder Woman’s story a bit to better fit today’s readers, but I am not Diana’s view of the other woman. Sure, eventually she changes her mind, though not completely, but the damage was done.

I had hoped this would be the start of a new Wonder Woman series that I would enjoy, but I will not be reading the future books in this series. I’m sure there are people out there who will enjoy this, but I cannot.

Book Review: Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters Vol 1

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars

The publisher provided me with a copy of this book to review via NetGalley.

Had I read this a few years ago when I knew nothing of Transformers and their world I think I might have enjoyed it a bit more.  However after watching the entire original TV cartoon series, several spin off cartoons, all three live action movies and up to the most current episode of Transformers Prime and Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters series I was a bit disappointed with this book. Now let me explain that a little bit. It was not the story line that I didn’t like, in fact I enjoyed it quite a bit. However, the way that Grimlock and the other Dinobots were portrayed was what bothered me.  I think anyone that has seen the original Transformers series would agree that the Dinobots were not talking or acting like Dinobots, instead they were using full proper sentences and being fairly diplomatic in the story.

But I tried to push that bad feeling aside and concentrate on the story. The story was fairly enjoyable though I admit I had a hard time getting over the changes made to the Dinobots still. And the addition of dinosaurs in the story, while it was somewhat interesting to see Dinobots vs. ‘real’ dinosaurs, I think I would have preferred it had they simply got up against more Decepticons.

Overall this book was fairly enjoyable. It was a quite read and while I had issues with how the Dinobots spoke and acted I think those who are looking to get into Transformers may enjoy this more than it’s already well established fan-base. Will I read the next volumes? Possibly, but I won’t rush to pick them up as soon as they are out.