On The Go Series

I am a bit of a series addict, starting more and more series every time I turn around and yet all too often not finishing them. The other issue I have about series is often loosing track of where I am in them, which books I have read and which ones I haven’t. So I will be using this page to help me keep track of my ongoing series to allow me to slowly finish them off and clear up some of my to-read list.

  • The Hollows series: 6 out of 12 books read
  • Kushiel’s Universe series: 1 of 9 books read
  • The Sea Monster Memoirs trilogy: 2 out of 3 books
  • Symphony of Ages series: 1 of 9 books read
  • Hythrun Chronicles: 2 of 6 books read
  • Avalon series: 1 of 7 books read
  • Chisholm Cattle Co. series: 1 of 6 books read
  • The Book of Deacon series: 1 of 3 books read
  • Wayfarer Redemption series: 4 of 6 books read
  • Murder, She Wrote series: 19 out of 47 books read
  • Jackson Hole series: 8 out of 11 books read
  • Green Rider series: 4 out of 6 books
  • The Lunar Chronicles: 4 out of 5 books

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