August & September 2017 Book Haul

So the last two months have been pretty book heavy with purchases. I couldn’t help it though. During part of August, Chapters had a buy one get one 50% off sale on manga, so I went a little manga crazy. I might have bought more, but my bank account said no. In total I brought home a total of 16 books in August.

Then September saw the remaining books that I had ordered in August arriving along with a few preorders. It was another manga heavy month, but I’m happy to have nearly all of InuYasha on my shelf now. For September, I brought a total of 14 new books into the house.

Fun fact: I have only read 3 of the 30 books I bought over the last two months. However, I plan on reading the entire InuYasha series back to back as soon as I get the last four volumes, which will probably happen in October.


July 2017 Book Haul

I have been trying really hard to not buy books. But the harsh reality is…that I have been completely failing at this. My husband is partially to blame, because he encouraged me to buy whatever books I wanted last time Chapters had a big sale and extra point event. The other person to blame is myself, because I just can’t walk into a book store and come out empty handed.

Over the course of the month I bought books online and also in store. First up, are my online purchase. Though I technically ordered these books in June, they did not arrive until July. In this order, I got Volumes 4 to 8 of A Bride’s Story. These books I read as soon as they arrived and I really enjoyed them.

At the end of the month, we ended up traveling to Sudbury for a short vacation. The main purpose of the trip was to visit the science center, which the boy absolutely loves. Of course, we weren’t allowed to leave the city until we visited my favorite used book store there, Bay Used Books. I only visit this store once a year, so I tend to walk out with quite a few books, and this trip was no exception. We also ended up going to Chapters (twice), and there I bought a few more books – mostly manga, because their manga section was huge. I wanted to buy so many more volumes of manga but tried to restrict myself (mostly because my wallet couldn’t handle a full on manag shopping spree). So, a whopping twenty-eight books came home with me on this trip.

In total, I ended up buying thirty-three books this month, which is honestly a lot. But like I said, it was a once a year opportunity for the most part, so I had to make it count.

May & June 2017 Book Haul

Yup, I bought books again. In fact, I bought quite a few over this two month period. In my defense, I hadn’t planned on buying any books in May, but then my husband was going hiking for a week and to make it up to me he told me to buy whatever I wanted – so naturally I ordered a number of books. Then came June, my birthday month, and I went a bit book crazy buying myself books because of that. It didn’t help that Chapters had some good deals during this time as well.

In May, I ended up buying a total of seven books, which I also read during that month. On top of this, I bought the Marko and Alana figures because I have really enjoyed the Saga series and wanted to add them to my shelf.

In June I ended up with eleven books coming into the house. It’s a lot of books, but on the upside, I read half of them during the month as well, so at least they aren’t just being added to my ever expanding (and often greatly ignored) TBR.

So between the two months, I bought eighteen books and read a majority of them. I would say that I don’t plan on buying anything in July, but that would be a big old lie because I have some orders arriving during that month, but I will try to keep my spending under control (hopefully) so my bank account can recover.

April 2017 Book Haul

Yup, I bought books again. However, I actually stuck to my no buying books in March, so since these all come into the house in April, I will call that a win. I ended up getting quite a few books over the month. This is partly due to Chapters constantly offering good deals and extra points, and partly because I’ve been wanting quite a few of these books for a while. I might have ended up with even more books, but my end of the month trip to the city was cancelled by a winter storm.

In total, I brought in thirteen new books in April. This sounds like a lot, and honestly it is, but I have also already read nine of them so that’s pretty darn good. Normally when I buy new books, they sit on my shelves unread for months, if not years, so reading the vast majority of these in the month I got them makes me happy. I must say I’m really glad I finally bought and read the Saga graphic novels, because they are a truly phenomenal story and I cannot wait for the series to continue.

February 2017 Book Haul


I am a terrible person. I bought books, yet again. I told myself that I wouldn’t buy anything new in February and yet I came home with a stake of books after a shopping trip. On top of that, a few pre-orders came in this month, though I don’t really count those against myself (I figure if I ordered them 6+ months ago then they don’t count as new purchases – even though I got charged for them this month). In total, I got eight books this month.

So here’s a little story about the stack of books I bought this month. I had to go into the city for a necessary shopping trip and figured since I was there I would hit up the book store if I had time. Well, I had time and when I got there I told myself I would get just one book, and that one book would be Scarlet by Marissa Meyer so that I could at least keep going with the series until my next trip to the city in a month or so. When I got the the young adult section, I saw Scarlet there and was excited. Then beside it I spotted every other book in the Lunar Chronicles series and had to make a decision. Do I buy them all now and save myself the hassle of coming back and hoping that they have a copy, or just buy Scarlet and get the rest if/when they have them next. Now, obviously I got them all, but I did take some time to think this over – you know, all of about five seconds while I frantically grabbed them off the shelf.

So, now I have officially forbidden myself from buying any books in March. I do believe I have one preorder coming in March, but again, that doesn’t count against me. We’ll see how well I do with this month long buying ban.

January 2017 Book Haul


I’m still trying to put a limit on the number of books I buy. However, all the books in this haul were bought in December and just happened to arrive in January. Some of these books were bought during the pre and post Christmas sales. So technically I haven’t bought any books this year…yet.

All in all, I ended up bring 11 new books into the house this month. I think this is pretty good, even though that’s a decent amount of books for one month, especially in the first month of the year. But hey, books make me happy and I know I will enjoy reading them. It was especially bittersweet to get the Carrie Fisher books, which I had ordered only a week before her death.

So what books did I get? The Assassin King by Elizabeth Haydon, The Gods of Amyrantha by Jennifer Fallon, Star Wars: The Clone Wars by Karen Travis, Kenobi by John Jackson Miller, The African Trilogy by Chinua Achebe, The Fisherman by Chigozie Obioma, Do Not Say We Have Nothing by Madeleine Thien, and Postcards From The Edge, Shockaholic, Wishful Drinking and The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher. The two Star Wars novels officially finish off my collection of every novel in the Expanded Universe (Legends) series.

December 2016 Book Haul


Oops I did it again! I bought some more books, got lost in the spines. Oh baby, baby…

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

Moving on.

Yes, I bought more books. I wanted to stay strong and not buy anymore books until next year, but then we went to the city to do some shopping and watch movies, and of course I inevitably ended up in the book stores – though I will admit my husband encouraged me to go in, so really it’s his fault. I couldn’t resist once I got into the stores because I knew I wouldn’t see the inside of a book store for several months, so I just had to buy something. So between Chapters and the used book store, I ended up bringing six books home, which isn’t a lot, but at the same time is too many given that I’m not supposed to be buying books right now.

Two other books entered my home this month as well as part of my Secret Santa present. This is my third (I believe) time participating in The Broke & The Bookish Secret Santa, and I loved it. I got two great books from my Secret Santa and I cannot wait to read them.

Then, as a final insult to my no more books rule, and to my wallet, I ended up buying a few books for my Kindle on Boxing Day, because damn it the price was right! So I got Happiness, Like Water by Chinelo Okparanta, Parable of The Sower by Octavia E. Butler, This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab and Mist & Whispers by C.M. Lucas.